Weigh In

Weigh In is a free weight tracking app for iOS.

You can download it from the App Store or view the app’s website.

For those interested, here’s how I arrived at building Weigh In.

I previously used WeighBot, a weight tracking app by TapBots. It was an excellent weight tracker which just tracked your weight, showed your target and your progress. One of the best things about was that it was a focussed app which didn’t try to track your calorie intake, your exercise or any number of other things weight tracking apps do to make them more complicated to use. Sadly, it was neglected TapBots moved on to bigger and better things (seriously, you should checkout their apps).

This led me to building my own weight tracker, which was to be a simple but flexible weight tracker without all the extra stuff which makes the other weight tracking apps a chore to use.

The core feature set was:

  • Enter weight using your preferred units (metric or imperial)
  • Add a start and target weight to see your progress between the two
  • Add your data to HealthKit to view in other apps, including Apple’s Health app
  • View your progress using a graph
  • Get reminders on the frequency which you want to weigh in

As I built the app, certain other features became apparent:

  • Some users might want to track weight gain, for various reasons
  • Data should be portable, so importing and exporting in a human and machine readable format would be useful (CSV import and export)
  • Weight data added in other apps should be viewable in Weigh In’s progress screen

There are many more features I’d like to add, so development is ongoing and I hope to fulfil user’s requests so long as it doesn’t complicate the above features.